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【值得关注】2019 – BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会


2019 BCIC住房投资和城市规划年会

    2019 BCIC Urban Development and Real Estate Annual Summit



Format: keynote speeches, panel discussions.

Time: Thursday, November 7, 2019, 5:00 pm – 9:00pm

Location: Z-park, 1000 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

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Opening:  Introduction of BCIC Urban Development and Real Estate Annual Summit.




Keynote Speech: Housing  a Changing City




Session  1: How public institutions, private sector and communities can work together  to address the Boston housing crisis


Guest  Speakers Presentation




Panel Discussion: Working  together for changes, the implications for public sector, private sector and  communities.


7:30 –



Dinner  and Coffee Break





Session 2Participate in the  Changes –How to invest responsibly and wisely in the current economic cycle


Guest Speakers  Presentation


8:45 – 






【值得关注】2019 - BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会

Jia  Qu,

Operating  Manger,

BCIC Real Estate  Department& Community Decelopment Department

Ms. Qu is taking charge of the operation of BCIC real estate and community  development department. She has strong interest and rich experience in real  estate investment, since 2016, she has invested and managed residential real  estate in many cities in the United States and Canada.

Opening and Introduction 

【值得关注】2019 - BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会

Michelle Yin,

Founding  Director,

BCIC  Real Estate & Community Development Department

Ms. Michelle Yin is concerned with housing public policy  issues, and has served several non-profit organizations, responsible for financing,  fundraising, grant proposal writing and community organization. During her  time at Urbanica, she led development proposal and private equity financing  in multiple community residential developments in the Boston area, as well as  housing fund applications through multiple public channels of cities and  states. During her studies at the MIT Urban Planning Department, she noticed the  important role of Chinese Communities in urban development and initiated BCIC  Real Estate and Community Development Department. The organization aims to  promote dialogue between Chinese investors, local Chinese communities in  Boston, community developers, and relevant departments of the city and state  government.



【值得关注】2019 - BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会

Brian P. Golden,

Director, Boston  Planning & Development Agency

Mr. Brian P. Golden oversees all aspects of the  organization and focuses on executing its core mission of responsible,  community-engaged planning, and economic development. An attorney since 1993,  Brian is a former member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, where  he served the Allston-Brighton neighborhood of Boston. He was also the New  England Regional Director at the US Department of Health and Human Services,  a Commissioner at the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and  Energy, and a member of the Board of Directors at the Federal Home Loan Bank  of Boston.

Session1: How public institutions, private sector and communities can work together toaddress the Boston housing crisis.

【值得关注】2019 - BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会

Janelle Chan,

Undersecretary for  Housing and Community Development

(To be Confirmed)

Janelle Chan joined the Baker-Polito administration in 2016  as the Chief of Real Estate for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation  Authority (MBTA) and managed an extensive real estate and asset portfolio.  Previously, Chan was executive director at Asian Community Development  Corporation (ACDC), where she maintained a real estate portfolio of over  $120M in housing and commercial real estate; oversaw the real estate  development pipeline, which included the development of the One Greenway  mixed-use, mixed-income development with 345 units of both affordable and  market rate housing in downtown Boston; and managed the Participatory  Chinatown project along with other community-capacity building programs such  as housing counseling.

【值得关注】2019 - BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会

Mark Teden,
Vice President of Multifamily Programs,MassHousing


Mark Teden oversees the origination, underwritingand servicing of MassHousing’s multifamily loans, leads the development of newloan products and business opportunities, and serves as the primary liaison forthe Agency’s multifamily development and management business lines. Immediatelyprior to joining MassHousing, he served as the Managing Principal and Chief Operating Officer for Bruner/ Cott & Associates, Inc., and prior to that as Executive Vice President at Cambridge Savings Bank. In addition, Mr. Teden served as a Board member at Homeowner’s Rehab, Inc., for over 20 years. 


【值得关注】2019 - BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会

Kamran Zahedi,

President of  Urbanica,Inc


Mr. Kamran Zahedi graduated  from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1980 with a degree in  architecture and civil engineering. Over the past two decades, Urbanica has  focused on service-developing communities, particularly Boston’s lower-income  communities, and has developed several representative projects in the Boston  area, including multiple energy+ low-energy demonstration residential  projects. He will share the government’s financial support for residential  development and rationalize his experience in low-income housing projects.

Session 1 Panel Moderator


【值得关注】2019 - BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会

Francis Goyes,

Policy Innovation Associate



Ms. Goyes is currently a Policy Innovation  Associate at MassHousing, where she works with MassHousing’s Executive  Leadership team to generate and evaluate policies and programs that advance  affordable housing in Massachusetts. Her work includes research and  implementation of strategies to narrow the racial homeownership gap, support  neighborhood stabilization, and assist communities plan for and build housing  that is affordable.

Session2:Participate in the Changes – How to invest responsibly and wisely in the current economic cycle.

【值得关注】2019 - BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会

Alex Sun,

Data Scientist

MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab

Mr. Sun is currently a researcher and  data scientist at the mit Real Estate Technology Innovation Lab, focusing on  the real estate market for spatial metrology research, while focusing on the  application of new technologies represented by ai in urban construction and  investment. He founded GeoREIT, a spatial data processing and analysis  company. He will share how alternative data and spatial models support real  estate investment decisions.



【值得关注】2019 - BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会

Andrew  Yam,


Private equity real estate investment professional, Cross-border transactions experience in US and Asia 

Andrew is a real estate investment  professional with over 15 years of experience spanning real estate private  equity, investment banking and property development in US and Asia. Based in  Boston, Andrew is currently involved in the investment management of ~$1.5Bn  real estate assets in major gateway cities in the US, including Boston, New  York and Los Angeles. Andrew has worked on transactions representing Asian  investors to invest in the US and US investors to invest in Asia, involving  transaction value of ~$4.8Bn and fund raising of ~$2.1Bn across various real  estate strategies. Andrew is currently the Director of Investments at  Cottonwood Group and previously worked at Phoenix Property Investors, Lehman  Brothers Private Equity Real Estate, Citi Mergers & Acquisitions, and Sun  Hung Kai Properties. During his master program at Harvard, Andrew focused his  research on cross-border real estate investments and building and leading  high performance real estate companies.


Boston Chinese Investment Club 

【值得关注】2019 - BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会

波士顿华人投资协会(BCIC),前身为北美华人金融协会波士顿分会。协会旨在促进华人金融和投资的交流和讨论,搭建中美资本和项目的对接平台,通过路演,研讨会和交流活动,为广大成员提供投融资机会,职业和社交服务,并积极为中国投资金融业的发展提供人才和建议,协会现有会员逾3000人。协会成员分布于各类著名银行、对冲基金、互助基金,私募和风投等。想加入BCIC的mailing list获取最新活动资讯和求职信息,请联系我们或者发送邮件至。如果您有意参与协会未来的路演活动,欢迎提前联系我们。项目方请将商业计划发送至。投资方或赞助方欢迎致函。

MIT Sloan Greater China Club

【值得关注】2019 - BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会

MIT Sloan Greater China Club (Sloan GCC) is a voluntary, non-profit organization with the mission to build a close-knit community for the growing number of Sloan students. We hold activities related to Greater China region in areas including professional development, social gathering and cross-cultural communication.

BCIC Annual Sponsors


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【值得关注】2019 - BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会

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【值得关注】2019 - BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会
【值得关注】2019 - BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会
【值得关注】2019 - BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会
【值得关注】2019 - BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会
【值得关注】2019 - BCIC · 波士顿住房投资和城市规划年会


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